A Heart on a Chain to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2011

It is only a few days until Valentine’s Day, that special occasion when lovers show their love for each other with gifts. Traditional gifts can include chocolates, flowers, champagne, and, of course, a special card, but many people look for something a little out of the ordinary, and the love heart necklace is the perfect symbol of love for a young – or not so young – man to give to the girl in his life.

Love heart necklaces are available to suit every budget so the giver need not worry that it will be something he cannot afford. There are some lovely designs to choose from, some elaborate and flamboyant and others, more simple, yet just as expressive.

There are several different styles of love heart necklace; they vary from a little filigree heart on a delicate chain, to a larger heart with perhaps a precious stone set into its middle. It is possible to have the word ‘love’ in silver or gold with a little heart representing the ‘o’. Larger love heart pendants will have room for a sentimental message to be engraved on it. The hearts can be solid, either plain or engraved, or set with precious stones, or they can even be a heart-shaped gem itself.

If the budget is limited, there are love heart necklaces available that are fabricated from less expensive metals, stones, and materials; for instance, a little solid heart made from pink resin or plastic with the words ‘I love you’ stamped on it will be just as well-received as the more expensive gold set with diamonds – the sentiment is just the same, and the necklace will be just as treasured by the lucky person who receives it.

The heart is the symbol of true love; giving that special lady one that can be worn close to her own is the most perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Necklace
I Love You Necklace from Molly Brown London

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