Catherine Zeta Jones’ New Looks

March 29, 2010

If there is one person receiving a lot of attention as a result of her wardrobe choices at the moment it is surely Catherine Zeta Jones. In recent weeks it would seem that the star has decided to experiment with her style somewhat and as a result has come under criticism from the media and stylists alike.

The first notable change to the star’s appearance is her dramatic weight loss. Catherine Zeta Jones has always been seen as something of a champion for the more curvaceous woman. She had stunning curves and she always dressed to accentuate these curves and was loved by millions for refusing to conform to LA stereotypes.

However, it would now seem that this has all changed as the star has recently been spotted sporting a much smaller frame than is usually expected of her. In fact some pictures, which are currently circulating of Catherine show protruding bones. Although this is all quite worrying it is thought that the weight loss can be accredited to her appearance in the Broadway show A Little Night Music. Catherine, who is now 40, has been appearing in the show since December, playing the role of Desiree which consequently requires her to dance a lot.

Although Catherine Zeta Jones’ weight loss has taken a lot of people by surprise it is also true to say that her choice in outfits has had a similar impact on many. It would seem that perhaps Catherine is having a bit of a style crisis and is unsure of which look to opt for. Catherine Zeta Jones has been known for her immaculate, sophisticated style and wearing extremely flattering clothes. However, her recent style choices have seen her being dubbed as a serial stalker by the media as she has seemingly been copying the distinctive style of other famous style icons.

In recent weeks she has stepped out in a few outfits which could easily have resulted in her being mistaken as Victoria Beckham. Donning leather trousers, a chauffeur style hat and large sun glasses on one occasion, Catherine was a dead ringer for Mrs Beckham.

What’s more in between dressing like Victoria Beckham Catherine Zeta Jones has been accused of taking style tips from Dita Von Teese. The actress decided to experiment with this look a she appeared on the Today show in the USA. The tailored black and shift dress complete with a red belt could have easily have been something that Ms. Von Teese would be pictured in. In addition Catherine emulated Dita Von Teese’s look further by opting for the pale mysterious look, big red lips and Dita’s trademark wavy hair.

It would that if what the media is anything to go by Catherine Zeta Jones is having a bit of a style crisis and is unsure which route to take. I think it is good to know that even those as famous as Catherine Zeta Jones, who no doubt have stylists at their disposal, get it wrong sometimes and have dilemmas over what to wear, it reassures the rest of us!

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