Exclusive Gift Wrapping

August 12, 2010

When receiving a gift, the part where you open the box/bag becomes a magic moment. Quality brands know about it so the packaging has an enormous importance for them. Boxes, bags and ties make the moment even more special, and it is common for each brand to use their own label style and colours to wrap their products.

When talking about packaging from the most prestigious fashion firms, the curious thing is that there is nothing innovative on it, on the contrary, sobriety is a value added which shows its history and tradition.

The black and white Chanel bag is one of the most exclusive and elegant packaging.

The unique brown Gucci bags also care for the environment, since June, the company uses less packaging. They announced that all of their luxury packaging has been newly designed with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified paper and is 100% recyclable.

Louis Vuitton luxury brown packaging shows the elegance and sobriety that the company promote.

The Hermes orange and brown ribbon package is as luxury as the brand image. It’s already a luxury to have it at home.

20 years ago, the first Jo Malone fragrance was created in London, and the packaging of the brand became as famous as the products, traditional and great!

Asprey is one of the gift shops with more tradition and refinement in England, their exclusive ‘packaging’ is a beautifully wrapped, elegantly tied Asprey box.

Molly brown London is a brand specialised in Girls jewellery, their gift wrapping is lovely.

The blue box of the French firm Lanvin adds value to the gift, being even a collector’s item.

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