Finding Functional and Fashionable Footwear That Lasts AM to PM

September 30, 2010

It is an unfortunate trade off that many fashion conscious women have to make – the choice between the most fashionable, and the more sensible and comfortable well fitting shoes. Many fashion conscious ladies have long suffered from sores, bunions, blisters, and bleeding feet simply to show off the latest in stylish sandals and pretty pumps. After all, shoes are the most diverse outfit making or breaking accessory that can either complement or spoil any ensemble.

Thankfully, suffering for the sake of style is now over. The best in high quality shoes should look good and feel comfortable to the wearer, and effortlessly allow them to go from day to evening wear, boardroom to boardwalk to dance floor, with a simple quick change of attire.

High Tech Footwear for the Real Attention-Grabbers

For the truly outlandish style individual the available footwear has now reached epic proportions, even going as far as making fashion statements that are related to science. Shoes can now come equipped with anything from alarms to GPS systems. Take for instance, the GPS equipped shoe, designed for high-risk street workers. The street safe shoe comes equipped with an emergency alarm to scare away attackers and GPS.

Wi-Fi detector trainers may seem geeky, but they are very comfortable and come digitally wired with LED Wi-Fi receptors to make an audible noise when signals are within distance.

For those busy women that abhor housework, vacuum shoes provide an easy solution. The sole might be thick, but it sucks up dirt as the wearer moves around the house.

As a motivating factor to wear those cramped stilettos on your feet, step-counting stilettos count every step the wearer takes (even though every move she makes after a few minutes will exacerbate the pain).

High Fashion Footwear That Exudes Comfort for Everyone Else

But for the rest of us that do not require outlandish features and the latest and greatest shoe innovations, a plain, ordinary stylish shoe that allows for easy walking is just fine. It may seem like a daunting task that has not yet been solved by scientific innovation, but the reality is that there are plenty of retailers that feature footwear that is both cute and comfortable.

Hotter Shoes is one such retailer. The company’s comfort concept is quality and stylish comfort. For easy shopping, Hotter Shoes discount codes are redeemable on the latest ladies and men’s collections. Hotter Shoes voucher codes make online shopping easy and convenient.

Hotter Shoes

Smart and stylish shoes that are comfortable tend to be flat and have a low heel. A splash of conservative colour can work in the office, such as a baby pink, or soft grey, coupled with the right matching attire. Low heels with refined detail such as buckles convert perfectly to evening wear.

As an alternative to wearing high heels in the office, try Earth Shoes. Earth Shoes feature heel technology that provides good foot support as well as helping with spine realignment, posture improvement and toning of the leg muscles.

Other functional footwear finds that can do double duty include comfy Mary Jane’s or Algeria’s line of flat Croc shoes, while Rockport is a winner for men.

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