Hair that Every Woman Wants

November 2, 2009

Much like in the fashion world new emerging hair trends can dictate the way a woman wears and styles her hair. In the same way that certain items of clothing have come in and out of fashion so too have hair styles, and in much the same way as many women become obsessed by a particular fashion item they too become obsessed by the latest must have hair style.

Everyone has a particular icon that they look to whenever they need reassurance and tips in terms of fashion, they follow this person’s lead and in general this person is a celebrity or well known figure. This is also true of hair styles, back in the seventies women went crazy for the Fawcett look. Farrah Fawcett and her infamous iconic hair flicks became an overnight sensation and paved the way for the hair icons of the future. When she first made her appearance as one of Charlie’s Angels women all over the world coveted her look and tried to recreate it for themselves.

Fast forward to the nineties and one of the biggest American sitcoms of all time is born and with it comes a new star with hair to die for. Friends hit our screens in 1994 and before long almost every woman alive was making a trip to their hairdressers and demanding a “Rachel”. Jennifer Anniston was without doubt the person whose hairstyle most people tried to emulate throughout the nineties. Her subsequent hairstyles weren’t quite as revolutionary but that didn’t mean that she dropped off the radar. Rather Jennifer Anniston remains an iconic figure when it comes to hair, as many women continue to copy her hair styles.

Now it seems that we have left the Rachel behind and firmly moved into the Cheryl Cole era. Women are now turning to none other than Cheryl Cole for inspiration in the hair department. Cheryl is probably most famous for her impeccable style, fashion sense and designer clothes. However, it seems that she is becoming just as famous for her tresses. More and more women are asking their hairdressers to recreate the Cheryl look for them. Women want to emulate her voluptuous, soft and bouncy hair, and who can blame them.

However, many women seem to struggle when it comes to maintaining their chosen celebrity look. One of the most common problems is that their colour fades too quickly and they lose that healthy gloss shine they had whenever they left the hairdressers. However, often the problem is that the right products are not being used to maintain the celebrity look. The reason that celebrities’ hair looks so good is because they invest wisely in hair care products, they give careful consideration as to what they should and shouldn’t use in their hair. Not only this but when we decide to change our hairstyle it is quite a rigorous process especially if the hair is coloured, which as we all know is extremely damaging to the hair. So after our hair has received such damaging treatments the last thing we want to do is add more chemicals to, this is a sure fire way to leave hair looking limp and lifeless, which isn’t exactly a celebrity look! Probably the best way for the average woman to ensure that her celebrity locks not only stay looking fabulous but also healthy is to use natural hair care products.

Cheryl hair is a firm favourite with women at the minute but as hair trends come and go just as quickly as fashion trends I just can’t wait to see which celebrity’s hair women will be going crazy for next.

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