Is Homeless Chic Key to Autumn/Winter2010?

January 19, 2010

So Milan Fashion Week is very much underway and it seems it has gone off with a bang courtesy of Vivienne Westwood. All eyes were on Milan as the world waited to find out what all the big names in fashion had decided was going to be big for Autumn/Winter in 2010 and I think it would be fair to say that there were plenty of surprises in store for everyone.

The show put on by Vivienne Westwood in which she unveiled her menswear Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, and which took place in the Museo della Permanente, Milan took on a rather unusual theme, and provoked a mixed reaction not only amongst the crowd present at the show but also amongst people throughout the world. The clothes presented in the show have been deemed fantastic; meaning this part of the show was a clear success. However, it is the theme of the show which has been dubbed “homeless chic” that has set tongues wagging and sparked a certain degree of controversy.

Vivienne says that the inspiration for the homeless theme actually came in the form of her husband, Austrian born Andreas Kronthaler, who was in turn inspired by a friend of his who works with a homeless charity. So you might be wondering just how do you transform a high end fashion show into something which oozes the notion of homeless chic? Well if you are indeed asking yourself this question and are having trouble imagining how this is done then envisage the following props; cardboard boxes, shopping trolleys and sleeping bags.

This particular Vivienne Westwood show saw male models crawl out of cardboard boxes, whilst others pushed shopping trolleys full of newspaper up and down the catwalk as others opted to have sleeping bags draped over their shoulders. All of this was done in the aim of making the models appear as though they sleep rough. What’s more the models presented a somewhat untidy appearance, with their hair giving off a hint of silver. The silver tinge to the model’s hair was meant to represent frost and further enhance the fact the models were supposed to be homeless.

Although the theme of the show seemed to steal the limelight it is important to note that the aim of the fashion show was to showcase Vivienne’s latest designs and as such it is important not to overlook them. So based on what was seen on the night it would seem that key trends for menswear in Autumn/Winter 2010 will be layering, chunky jumpers, faux fur coats, oversized jackets and bold prints. In addition to this Vivienne also unveiled all in one jumpsuits and wide waist trousers.

However, as if the show had not been attention grabbing enough Vivienne Westwood was wheeled out onto the catwalk after the show had finished on a stretcher. The purpose of this particular stunt is unclear but one thing that is clear is that no one will be forgetting this Vivienne Westwood show anytime soon.

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