Jewelry Must Haves This Season

November 1, 2011

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With fashion trends constantly changing, the must have item this season is fashionable jewelry.  The days of wearing your favorite heart pendant necklace with every outfit you own is gone. These days in order to stay fashionable and up to date; sporting fashionable jewelry is a must to completing your look. Be it with a collar necklace, bangles or a statement ring, the choices are endless.

Keeping up with this trend can be expensive as you will be needing lots of pieces.  One way to get a jump start on amassing your collection would be by selling gold jewelry for cash.  You must have some old or unused jewelry sitting in your jewelry box.  You can trade in a tangled chain necklace, mismatched earrings, or a dented bangle; just about anything made of gold or other precious metals such as silver or platinum can be sold. Why not trade in your unwanted jewelry for cash and then go ahead and buy all those pieces of fashionable jewelry you really want.

With the extra cash in hand, you will want to know what the must have’s are this season. Daring statement jewelry is making a huge trend this season.  Choose a real statement piece, something with a bold and eye catching design. You will really enjoy wearing it if you enjoy drawing others attention.

Next you will want to include collar-shaped necklaces.  These necklaces are charming and sophisticated.  They add the Peter Pan collar look to any outfit. There are so many design and materials used for this look.  This trend is definitely a favorite!

Solid metal jewelry is also a trend that is picking up speed.  The all metal jewelry with tough, masculine look is making a comeback. If you are the brave, confident type, than you may be daring enough to go for this look. If you are the more fun and whimsical type, fringed jewelry may be more your speed.  That too is a current popular trend.

Square bangles is a new concept that we are starting to see a lot off.  Stacked up they make for a real cool and different look than all the rounded shaped bangles.  Stacking all types of bangles, and mixing patterns, textures and colors together is a trend that is really in.   Avoiding the matchy-matchy look is the way to go. The bangles look best when different sets are matched.

Motif jewelry, oversized rings, layered necklaces and vintage jewelry are also the fall/winter 2012 top trends.  There are so many choices.  You will have no problem finding many pieces that will suite your taste and preference.  Just about every clothing store at the local mall will be offering you a selection of fashion jewelry.  The cost of the jewelry will vary from store to store, and from piece to piece.  So shop around and get a feel for what’s out there. Once you get into it you will find shopping and wearing fashionable jewelry to be fun and watch out it can even be quite addictive.

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