Make Way for the Best Dressed Men!

January 5, 2010

Presitigious men’s magazine GQ has composed and released its annual list of the best dressed men in the UK. The annual poll denotes some of the most stylish men in Britain, and as such it gives an insight into the trend setters within the male fashion world and who you should be watching in the style stakes.

I know you will be curious to know who made the list so I’ll give you a roundup of the top 10 best dressed men!

Number 10

Hip hop star Dizzee Rascal has managed to make it into the top 10, pipping many to the post to achieve this coveted position. GQ says that he has been featured at number ten as not only is the best rapper in the country but his style credentials as match his musical success. This particular star is not afraid to experiment in the style stakes and is renowned for wearing bright, eye catching clothes.

Number 9

In at number 9 is none other than David Beckham, up one place from last year! The man has impeccable style and taste and is capable of wearing a multitude of different looks. From the casual dressed down look of jeans and a t shirt to a more formal outfit of a suit this man can wear it all and still look great! So it seems that his wife isn’t the only one with a more than adequate sense of style. The only surprise about his appearance on this list is that he didn’t make it further up the list!

Number 8

I have previously noted the growing importance of fashion within the world of politics, although in the past this has only been applicable to the wives of the presidents and prime ministers throughout the world. However, it seems that this is set to change as David Cameron occupies the position of number 8 for the second year running. Although we are used to mostly seeing him in a suit in tie, it is true to say that he generally looks pretty sharp.

Number 7

Most famous for being the being Elton John’s other half, David Furnish retains his position of number 7 on the best dressed list. According to Richard James of the Saville Row Institution it is of little wonder that David features on this list as he says “David has an inherent sense of style, being the classic face of fashion with a sixth sense of what is going to be the next big thing.”

Number 6

Renowned for being sleek and sophisticated both on screen and off screen Daniel Craig slips in at number 6, although that is down 2 positions from last year. Daniel Craig is probably most famous for his role as James Bond and it is seems if this poll is anything to go by that the star is just as debonair as his alter ego in real life.

Number 5

Last year’s number 3, Tom Ford, takes this position thanks to his fantastic dress sense. However, as a designer himself we really expect nothing less of him.

Number 4

The number 4 position is held by a shock, new entry in the form of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Fantastic Mr. Fox protrudes a traditional, quaint essential, old English style complete with tweed suits. However, it is fair to say that not every man can carry this look off and perhaps due to his personality Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the few men who can actually wear the look.

Number 3

Alex Turner, front man of the Arctic Monkeys has made into the top 3 thanks to his unique style which seems to epitomise British rock and roll. Alex’s girlfriend Alexa Chung, is also famed for her style credentials so whether it is her influence on him and his style which has earned him this position remains unclear.

Number 2

The number 2 slot is occupied not by a man but rather by a group of men in the form of Take That. It seems that there is nothing that these men can’t do. Not only have they successfully relaunched their music career and topped the charts but they are now seen as style icons by men throughout Britain!

Number 1

This much coveted position is occupied by someone who has had a fantastic year thanks to the success of his film career. That’s right the number one best dressed British man is none other than the star of Twilight Robert Pattinson. It seems it’s not just girls that want a piece of this heart throb but also men if this poll is anything to go by. The star embodies contemporary style for men and it seems that this has not gone unnoticed as last year Robert featured at number 39 in the same poll. So he is obviously doing something right to climb 38 places in a year! This guy looks sharp in a suit when on the red carpet and he looks equally as good when dressed down in jeans.

So that is the 10 best dressed men in the UK according to the GQ poll but whether you with that or not or would place the celebrities in that particular order is up to you. However, it is undeniable that each of the men have their own sense of style, some more unique than others, and each and every one has earned their place on the best dressed men list.

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