Perfect shape without the gym!

February 28, 2011

The traditional time for over-indulging is over. Everyone has enjoyed the Christmas and new year celebrations, and some have indulged more than others, not just in partying, but also in eating and drinking. Whilst such holidays are a time of reward for working hard during the rest of the year, they can leave people feeling a little less healthy, and carrying additional weight. Everyone tries to keep New Year Resolutions but around this time of year everyone fails! The extra pounds can be made to disappear with regular visits to the gym but, for those who want more immediate results, there is shapewear.

Shapewear has been specially designed to eliminate lumps and bumps, and create a slim streamlined look with no strenuous effort on the wearer’s part. It is ideal for someone who has added a few pounds in weight, but needs to look their best for a forthcoming special event with no time to spare for visits to the gym.

The materials used in the manufacture of shapewear have been developed so that it does what it says it will do, without discomfort or restriction. They are lightweight and breathable, and help keep the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter, while keeping perspiration to a minimum. They come in a range of colours to ensure that they can be worn unobtrusively under any clothing.

Shapewear today comes in many forms from briefs, both regular and long enough to cover the thighs, designed to smooth out lumpy tummies and hips, to bodies and camisoles that can be worn under tight-fitting clothing like t-shirts to give a lean silhouette, to full-length slips to wear under dresses. With seamless manufacture, they leave no telltale lines so no-one needs to know that they are being worn.

Women everywhere are now able to look their very best, even at short notice, when they try shapewear – designed to make everyone, whatever their shape and size, look like a million dollars.

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