Should Suri Cruise be Wearing High Heels

April 6, 2010

A recent newspaper article claimed that parents now spending over £700 each year ensuring that their children remain stylish. The same newspaper article reports that this has a lot to do with the fact that children are now living in the Suri Cruise era.

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, despite her young age, as been at the forefront of fashion for quite a lengthy period of time. If it is indeed possible for children to have style icons then it is certain that little Suri Cruise is the inspiration for lots of mini fashionistas the world over. Suri Cruise may only be 3 years old but she has a wardrobe to make any grown woman jealous. She has amassed a staggering amount of media coverage thanks to the clothes that she wears and she has become like a Victoria Beckham for little girls. It would consequently seem that many parents are trying to keep up with the trends set by young celebrities, such as Suri, by spending an average of £357 on children’s wear for each child they have every season.

What’s more similar Victoria Beckham Suri Cruise also has a stunning array of shoes and it is rare that she is spotted in the same pair twice. Even though she is only 3 years old Suri has been spotted on a number of occasions wearing high heels. This unsurprisingly has sparked a great deal of controversy amongst the general public.

There is no doubt that at one stage or another every little girl has played dress up and worn her mum’s high heels, but is it really appropriate to let a child as young as Suri to wear high heels for such long periods of time. Let’s not forget the years of abuse Victoria Beckham’s feet have undergone and the damage they have incurred as a result of her love of high heels. The star now has visibly sore bunions which can only be repaired by undergoing surgery. With that in mind should a child of 3 be wearing heels if they can cause irreversible damage to her feet?

Children’s feet are extremely delicate and should be cared for properly to ensure that they do not suffer from foot care problems in the future. It therefore seems logical to ensure that kids have shoes which are comfortable and which support their feet in the right way. However, the extent to which high heels delivers on both counts is very questionable.

In addition to finding comfortable and supporting shoes it is also important to make certain that when children’s shoes are bought that they fit the child’s feet perfectly as this is ensuring the health of the child’s foot. It is therefore imperative to measure a child’s feet before purchasing any shoes to ensure that the right size is bought and to make sure that the foot has plenty of room to move inside the shoe.

Although if you are like me you will undoubtedly do a lot of your shopping online and I can hear you all you all shouting “well that’s all well and good but how am I meant to go about measuring feet if I am buying online?” Well fear not because I have come across a handy little foot measure tool which will make sure you buy the right size of shoes for your child. The foot measure tool by Start rite lets you measure you child’s feet at home and then make your purchase online. What’s more Start rite have even produced a great a video to help you figure out how to use the foot measure.

I am for fashion and I love seeing pictures of famous children such Suri in the newspapers and glossy magazines so that I can admire what they are wearing. However, despite this I think we have to draw a line sometimes. I think in some cases when it comes to children’s fashion practicalities must come before fashion. Having said that it is still possible to buy well fitting, comfortable and supportive shoes which are stylish.

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