Staying Warm and Stylish!

December 6, 2011

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For those of you who don’t know, I am from Toronto, Canada (Yes, believe it or not we can be pretty fashionable up here!) and it can get mighty cold here during the winter months. Those of you living in colder climates probably already know the challenge of staying warm but still looking hot during the winter time. Save those old knitted sweaters for this year’s ugly sweater Christmas party and put on something that will make you feel hot on the inside and out.

The first thing anyone should do is to invest in a nice warm winter jacket. You’ll want to get one that is appropriate for the climate you live in. Obviously someone living up in Minnesota will need a heavier jacket then someone living down in Arkansas. I’d highly advise sticking with neutral colors (browns, greys or blacks). One winter I was bold and bought a white coat… It looked nice when it was clean, but keeping it clean was more hassle than it was worth.

Always remember to layer up! This is a great secret to keeping warm but still being able to wear what you want. You could try wearing a camisole under your t-shirt or a tank top underneath a thin long sleeved shirt. You can still wear a dress, but be sure to put on some tights and thermal leggings.

And most importantly, always have a nice pair of mitts along with some warm boots and different colored scarves in your closet. Having a variety of scarves that you can wear with any outfit is key. Not only do they keep you all cozy and warm, but they can really add a great look to any outfit.

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