Sunglasses Trends for Spring-Summer 2012

February 3, 2012

Looking 365Gorgeous all the year around is no child’s play. You need to go with the times and stay updated to put your best step forward. This also applies to your sunglasses.

Sunglasses soon become a part of your personality and attitude. More than serving their practical purpose of protecting your eyes from sunlight, it is now seen as a reflection of your fashion statement. Unless you want to come across as an ignorant nerd sporting the outdated gogs, below are the latest trends of sunglasses discussed for you for the summer-spring season 2012.

  1. Cat Eye Sunglasses
    This certain eyewear has seen its rise in style quotient over the last few years and this year promises to be the same. The best things about these are that you can play around with various shapes and colours that these are available in. Whether you want to be funky or elegant, you will not go wrong with these.
  2. Sunglasses in Unusual Shapes
    In case you are in the mood to be bold and daring with your eyewear these are recommended choices for you. They are a new introduction to the line of sunglasses available and are being massively pushed for popularity. Try out the various shapes like heart shaped ones, oversized ones, asymmetrical sunglasses etc. They are perfect for informal party occasions.
  3. Round Shaped Glasses
    These sunglasses have been in the field of fashion since a long time and are regarded as classic and timeless. One thing is guaranteed, you will never go wrong with choosing this eyewear considering you have the right face structure for it. This season the designers are looking to experiment with it a bit and promote it for the daring fashion conscious side of you. Experimenting with innovative structured frames and catchy colours of glasses are the order of the day.
  4. Sports Sunglasses
    This is considered to be evergreen when it comes to sunglasses fashion. Sleek and modern looks with elegant frames and glass shapes are things that characterize these glasses. They will appeal to the sporty adventurous fashion lover in you. Though initially aimed for sportsmen, these glasses have proved to be popular for everyone and are a hit without fail. The spring/summer 2012 looks to jazz them up by using more daring lens colours and frames.
  5. Glasses with Gradient Hues
    These glasses have been a favourite with the fashion conscious people all around the world and the designers have not disappointed them in spring/summer 2012. The best thing about the gradient hue is that it looks in vogue irrespective of the occasion, where you decide to sport them. This is for the conservative soul in you who likes to avoid experimenting with their eyewear.
  6. Contrast Glasses
    Are you in the mood to throw caution to the air and experiment with contrasting lens and frame colours? Surely spring/summer 2012 is the time for you and there is a huge range on offer by the designers. They will ensure that you turn heads at the next gathering. Whatever might be your choice of eyewear and your attitude towards experimenting and being daring with them, rest assured spring/summer 2012 is the time to sport them. Being confident in your skin will ensure that you are the head turner when it comes to eyewear.

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