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October 21, 2011

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Trends come and go but one that seems to be sticking is the “Flawless Manicure” trend. The trend began back in late 2007 when OPI introduced their OPI Axxium Manicure. But not until CND launched its similar but more revolutionary Shellac Nails Manicure did the trend explode. In a little over a year and a half these “Flawless Manicures” have been introduced to more than 1 billion people! Many of which are becoming obsessed with their “Flawless Manicures”.


For years women have been going to salons to get manicures. Many women’s manicure experiences share a common problem. The manicures don’t last very long. Often lasting only seconds after leaving the salon. This common problem has often left women wondering why they spent money on a product that has no lasting value. Maybe this is what inspired the creators of the “super polish” products.

Shellac and Axxium promise at least 14 days of wear without any chipping, scratching, smudging, or peeling. They promise that the color will keep its luster and shine the entire time. In fact most women remove these manicures only because their nails show growth, not because of a problem with the product. These results keep women going back for more every time.

What is the difference between these manicures and traditional fake nails?

There are many differences. The main difference however is the fact that shellac & axxium merely enhance the natural nail rather than replace the natural nail. Fake nails require the attachment of a fake nail to the natural nail. The application process and removal process of this fake nail often damages the natural nail. With shellac & axxium this is not the case.

Another main difference is that these manicures are very similar to applying polish. The process differs only because a UV light is used.

Where can these “super polishes” be seen?

Shellac & Axxium have been one of the hottest fashion accessories in recent fashion shows. Lately at the New York Fashion week shellac adorned many models’ finger nails down the runway. But the runway is not the only place where these “super polishes” are being flaunted. They are being flaunted as a must have fashion trend all around the world. They have become so popular that many nail technicians only offer these services.

But before you try either of these “super polishes” keep in mind, that after receiving a “flawless manicure” you may very well become a “super polish” addict.

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