The Future Looks Bright for Dannii!

March 24, 2010

It would be fair to say that this time last year Dannii Minogue barely featured on anyone’s radar. Yes she was a well known face but nobody was particularly interested in her. Rather she merely seen as Kylie Minogue’s little sister.

Even when she became on a judge on the X Factor many people didn’t take to her because they saw her as the reason why Sharon Osbourne, a popular figure on the show, quit. After Sharon was replaced on the show by the current judge Cheryl Cole, Dannii was once again overshadowed. Throughout the 2008 series of the show the press and public were obsessed by every move Cheryl Cole made and which designer she wore on each occasion, leaving Dannii overlooked once again.

However, in the past year it would seem that Dannii Minogue has really come into her own. She choose the last series of the X Factor to unveil her new look and stunned everyone with a much more fashionable and stylish look, which left Cheryl quaking in her designer boots. In fact whilst Dannii’ style was spot on throughout the live X Factor shows, Cheryl’s was often hit and miss.

Since the last series of X Factor it would appear that Dannii has grown in popularity and secured her place in the lime light. Since the last series of the show Danni has announced her pregnancy, causing a media frenzy as everyone tries to get the prize shot of her bump. What’s more people are waiting to see if pregnancy will make the star adapt her style. However, any fears that people may have had that Dannii would become dowdy have been firmly dispelled as recent pictures have shown the star looking just as stylish as ever. In fact it looks like pregnancy really suits her as she has been positively glowing in a number of the published photos.

Dannii also recently signed a deal with Marks and Spencer which would see her feature in the high street store’s advertising campaign. If reports are to be believed then the first ad is to be aired on television today. However the media has been inundated with images of the campaign, in which Dannii Minogue looks absolutely stunning.

Danni appears alongside Britain’s next top model star Lisa Snowdon, Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros, singer VV Brown and long time Marks and Spencer model Twiggy. However, most notable in the ad is the absence of Mylenne Klass. Mylenne has been at the forefront of several Marks and Spencer campaigns over the years so it was surprising that she did not feature in this campaign. However, it would seem that Mylenne will be used in campaigns to promote M&S Money and M&S Online TV instead.

In recent years the Marks and Spencer adverts have become somewhat infamous so we have high hopes for this one featuring Dannii, and as everything she touches seems to turn to gold at the moment we doubt we will be disappointed.

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