The Not so Lucky Men!

January 6, 2010

So yesterday I brought you the news that men’s magazine GQ has released its annual poll which identifies the top 50 best dressed men. Moreover, I also gave you the low down on who made the top 10 of this list. However, what I did not tell you is that in addition to the best dressed list a worst dressed list was also composed. So if you favourite celebrity is Robert Pattinosn, who was named the best dressed British male, or Daniel Craig or David Beckham, who both also made the top 10 then it is all good. However, if your favourite male celebrity failed to make the best dressed list you may want to pay attention to what I am about to tell you, because if he didn’t make the best dressed list then it is possible that he may be featured on the worst dressed list. So for the male readers amongst you, you may want to take the time to read the following list to ensure that your style icon hasn’t featured within it. If he unfortunately has earned himself a place in this list then you may want to reassess just whose lead you follow in the style stakes and whose look you base your own on.

So here it is, a roundup of the 10 worst dressed men, according to the infamous GQ poll:

Number 10

So the public have spoken and they have decided that Peter Stringfellow is the tenth worst dressed man. To say that this man has his own unique sense of style is an understatement. The owner of Stringfellows lap dancing clubs has earned himself much success over the years but unfortunately that success does not seem to have filtered its way into his wardrobe. Rather it seems that Peter’s sense of style is somewhat audacious and controversial. His most famous fashion faux pas is most likely to be wearing a thong on the beach.

Furthermore, Peter is great fan of animal print and this is heavily reflected throughout his wardrobe with several pictures of this celebrity wearing such prints surfacing throughout the years. In fact it is thought that perhaps leopard print is perhaps his favourite design, having sported several jackets in this design over the years. It has also been noted that Peter has donned a white suit in his time and unlike Dizzee Rascal, who has also famously worn a white suit, Peter was unable to pull it off and also unlike Dizzee he failed to make it into the top 10 best dressed list. However, I will say this for Peter he is not afraid to experiment where others would tend to shy away.

Number 9

Jonny Borrell, the front man of the band Razorlight, has snapped up this position as it seems many think his sense of style is somewhat questionable. Jonny is probably most famous for his love of skinny jeans, white skinny jeans at that, when it comes to his wardrobe. It seems his love of such garments have let him down and put him amongst the worst dressed men in the UK.

He has failed to carry off a unique rock and rollesque look and perhaps he should look to Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys for some inspirational as his rock and roll look earned him the number 3 slot in the best dressed list.

Number 8

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jung-il, has managed to acquire this position within the top 10 worst dressed men. It is assumed that he has achieved this thanks to his love of an anorak and some questionable sunglasses. It seems that perhaps the public’s distaste for this leader’s dress sense extends as far as their distaste for many of his policies.

Number 7

Their knowledge of football may be second to none but it appears that their knowledge of the fashion world is somewhat limited in comparison. That’s right the GQ poll has decided that the Match of the Day team is the seventh worst dressed group of men around.

The team which includes Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer but to name a few have been criticised for their sense of style but I guess we should try to remember that these pundits were footballers before the public became obsessed with footballers and the way that they dress so perhaps they aren’t accustomed to the pressure in terms of fashion which comes with this type of job.

Number 6

Piers Morgan is usually spotted in a shirt and suit when making a public appearance on shows such as Britain’s got Talent and his talk show where he interviews many a famous face. However, perhaps the ad he did for Burger King which saw him sport a loin cloth and only a loin cloth is responsible for his place at number 6 of the worst dressed men.

Number 5

The number 5 position is filled by yet another team of BBC presenters in the form of the Top Gear team. The team of presenters which consists of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond all have their own sense of style but each is equally as whacky as the others. It seems that the team’s sense of style is appears to be set in stone, with none of them apparently trying to experiment or deviate from the style which they currently sport.

Clarkson is often found wearing a pair of jeans, a shirt, complete with a suit jacket, generally a tan cord one and pair of worn green shoes. Whilst James May seems to favour an eccentric shirt perhaps with a floral pattern, a leather jacket and jeans. Richard Hammond opts for a t shirt or shirt under a jacket teamed with a pair of jeans. Perhaps these men should branch out a little and try something a little different, as it comes to something when the best dressed member of your team is the one who constantly wears a racing suit and a helmet!

Number 4

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, occupies this spot. Despite being top dog when it comes to policies in London it seems he has failed miserably in the fashion stakes and in his ability reflect the stylistic nature that London is supposedly famed for. The mayor is generally seen in a suit complete with shirt and tie in order to carry out his duties, which generally makes most men look sleek and sophisticated. However, it seems that Boris’ inability to look this dapper is attributable to the fact that most of the suits that he wears are ill fitting and leave him looking more scruffy than chic.

Number 3

The French are thought to be some of the most stylish people on the planet but according to this GQ poll, the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, is the exception to the rule. Mr. Sarkozy often opts for a pair of platform shoes in an attempt to make himself look taller, as he apparently has issues with his height. Perhaps the French President should look to his wife, Carla Bruni, for some style tips as she has been branded, alongside Michelle Obama, as one of the most fashion conscious first ladies to grace the planet.

Number 2

The comedian Russell Brand is famous for being controversial and it seems that his dress sense has caused as big a stir amongst the public as many of his ill fated pranks. It would be fair to say that Russell’s sense of style is somewhat unique and very eccentric, somewhat like the star himself. It would seem, based on media images, that Russell rarely strays away from the colour black and it is clear that he favours a pair of skinny jeans and is not averse to showing a bit of chest with buttoned down shirts.

However, Russell has his own sense of style which may be unconventional but it has to be said that Russell is an unconventional star and it makes me wonder if his dress sense was somewhat more toned down than it is would we all find him quite as appealing as he is?

Number 1

Generally the number one position is the one that everyone wants to hold and most people envy the person who does hold it, but in this case that could not be any further from the truth. In fact I think it would be fair to say that most people would do anything not to be named the worst dressed male. So I know you will be intrigued to find out just who that person is and for some of you it will come as no surprise. To say that he is not the most popular person with many seems fair and apparently this not so enviable accolade is just another one to add to the collection of things that people don’t like about him.

The number one worst dressed male according to the GQ poll is none other than Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of the UK. The Prime Minister’s style is thought to be dull and boring and protrudes a sense of stiffness, with his suits and ties coming under fire. What could be even more insulting for Mr. Brown is that his main rival in contesting his ability to remain Prime Minister, David Cameron, actually made it into the top 10 best dressed list. Although given that many believe Mr. Brown will ousted from Number 10 by David Cameron in the near future I’m guessing his dress sense is the last thing on his mind!

So that is the ten worst dressed men, each of which has their own distinctive sense of style, which some of you may see as a good thing as it means they don’t look just like everyone else. Hopefully your style icon was not amongst the men on this list and if he was then perhaps you should consider finding a new icon.

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