Velvet – Looks great, feels even better!

October 17, 2011

This time of year you will start to notice more and more people (celebs included) getting their velvet out of the closet. I recently read a great article on the velvet fashion trend written by Lisa O’Dea over at Fashionbeans that reminded me to break some of my velvet items out of the closet to wear this Autumn.

Not only does this rich texture look extra luxurious but it feels even better on your skin. The right fitting velvet dress or underwear can be heaven to wear for any occasion. Check out the article I linked to on Fashionbeans see some great examples and photos of some top celebs wearing their velvet fashion this time of year. Lisa also wrote out some great tips on how to best go about adding this texture to your wardrobe and when is the right time to wear it.

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